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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sunday Letters.... they're back!

I love Sunday letters. I usually have some snarky ones just welling up inside of me, waiting for an appropriate outlet.

Dear Edupreneur,
Yeah, you. You know who you are. I try to let ignorant remarks roll off, but this one really got to me. "A mistake repeated more than once is a decision." I was so upset, I dedicated an entire blog post to it. I think that as an educator of educators, you would have a better grasp on reality than this. This quote that you posted (I realize you didn't write it, but you posted it on social media and supported it) goes against everything I believe about education. I believe that all students can learn but that some take longer to master the same materials and concepts as others. I believe that if your quote were true and we truly had a level playing field, your job would be eliminated. And it sounds to me like you are endorsing the whole "one size fits all" theory that we as teachers balk against so hard in regard to standardized testing. And the truth is, its personal. This is statement that rubs this gal wrong because I often have to repeat the same humiliating mistakes over and over again before I am ready to change and I know I will never be able to change if I continue to berate myself for what a loser I am. I would caution you, and social media users everywhere, think before you post.
Feathers Ruffled and still making mistakes

Dear Michelle,
I love the new button. I like linking up and reading your posts! I enjoyed your slices too. Depending on what grade or grades I teach next year, I really hope to do the classroom slice. Thanks for your inspiration and thanks again for hosting this linky.
Your Fan,

Dear Sammy,
I love that you love me. But I realize that you are getting older and some of your desire to snuggle is really just a need to keep warm. You are getting pushy in your old age. But I am sad that you have to yell at me so I'll pick up because you don't know if your back legs are going to get you up in the chair. I am worried about you and even though I jokingly call you "old man," your age concerns me and I don't want to learn to live without you. I would rather fight you forever for enough space to type and have to constantly push you off my lap because you really will just walk on top the computer and lay down. You are such a good companion. I love you old man.
It is hard to type when you crowd the computer, but I love how you snuggle.... 
Dear students,
I hope you are ready for the end of the year! It is approaching quickly! I know that some of you are going to be in for a surprise next year as you enter or re-enter a world of the traditional classroom with traditional deadlines and group expectations. I can't express to you the panic I feel trying to make sure you are prepared for what is next and the concern I have in regard to making sure you're on target. You are all beautiful souls with bright futures. Never let anyone tell you different.
Ms. Horn

Dear Future Educators of my students,
Please don't judge them too harshly and please keep in mind that many, if not most, of these students had low test scores when I became their teacher. In spite of standardized testing, it should still be about the progress these students made this year, not the gaps that are still there. Please look at the whole picture and instead of judging our program as a failure, look at how far these little learners have come and continue to encourage them to succeed. They will catch up if they are in the right environment and they will close the gap if they feel your love and acceptance.
A concerned mother hen of a teacher


  1. Letting go and passing the kids you spend all year with is tough! I worry too!

  2. I love your snarky letters, too. This is the perfect format for this! I hope you'll do the slice of life challenge next's pretty awesome! I am very curious about your letter to the Edupreneur and what is going on there. Can totally understand why you're upset!