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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Five for Friday.... Saturday style

It was an exciting first week back after Spring Break. We did not have school on Friday so I have no excuse for not posting my Five for Friday. But here I am, finally posting!

 1. Should there be zoos? We researched this in regard to the animals we were researching.  Would our animals be better off in a zoo? or in the wild? We read about arguments for zoos and arguments against zoos. We researched it in regard to the habitat needed. We read the book: Should There Be Zoos? written by a Fourth Grade class.

 2. Five minute nap. You ever just decide... why fight it? These kiddos were SOOOOOOO tired on Monday. After read aloud we took a 5 minute nap. It was supposed to be a three minute nap, but I stepped in the hall to talk to my principal and it stretched into about six minutes actually. I try to wake their brains with "wiggle songs," "brain breaks," extra movement opportunities, sometimes exercises, but sometimes I am just like, "okay, 2 minute nap."

 3. We had book buddies this week. Everyone was glad to read together with their buddies.

 4. Easter celebrations.... started with jelly bean math and graphing! Yum! Okay, some of the jelly beans were not so tasty! But it was fun anyway!
sorting before graphing, using this fun freebie that I got HERE

These fourth graders had to roll a dice and multiply and make the groups of jelly beans. 

5. Easter fun! We made this uber cute jello pudding snack treat!

bunny peeps, starburst minis, jellybeans.... 
Here is the sample... 
crushing the oreos for our dirt

What do other teachers do for allergies? We substitute! In this case we substituted jello for pudding! 
The little carrots were made from Starburst minis! Who knew? You just roll them in your warm hand and they form into what you want!

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