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Friday, April 3, 2015

Currently April....

I have to apologize, since the word was handed down that our school is closing I just have not had the heart to blog much. I am starting to come out of my funk just a little. Just enough to acknowledge that Spring has sprung in Kansas and it is a great time to be alive. Read about what everyone is doing.... Currently. Hop over to Farley's blog to learn more!

We all must have needed to sleep in, because it is still very quiet in this house this morning (it's after nine). Just the sound of the clock ticking is what keeps me company. (and a quiet, sleepy cat for a companion).

This past week, the weather has been in the 70's. So lovely. Well, yesterday was "cold" again, down in the 60's. I love it when that is considered "cool" or "cold"! I am bound and determined to have a garden this year and that will require outside help as there is a large mound of dirt over my old garden plot. Which brings me to thinking....

I am thinking about all these plans! My Dad and one of his hired hands went and scavenged Railroad Ties and brought them and set them at my house last night. Now to add some new, usable dirt, and I will be ready to plant my veggies! Hooray! I think I will be able to use the brick we tore up to make a walk way around the side of the house. It is all very exciting!

One of my friends just listed her country house. It is WAY out of my price league, but exactly what I dream of. I am pining for it in a very unreal way! Such as.... I went so far as to buy a powerball yesterday! I never do that! I don't really think the lottery will solve all my problems.

Our school is in the process of closing. The board of education voted to close our building and now a public hearing and final vote has been set. These are more or less formalities. After the shock and disbelief have worn off, I have been updating my resume, filling out applications, and filling out applications and..... *sigh* This is not what I wanted.

Education in Ms. Horn's world. I say it is pretty straight-forward. But there are several things that made me choose it. First of all, it used to be, Kindergarten in Ms. Horn's World because I was (and in my heart still am) a Kindergarten Teacher. I worded the name like I did because it is about teaching from my point of view, it is my world. So welcome to my world.

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  1. oh my, I'm so sorry about your school closing! Is your enrollment down? Total bummer, but I know as this door closes, another will open with something great! I'll be thinking about'cha! :-)
    Good, Good Life

  2. Welcome to spring!! We've had some decent weather down here in Florida, but soon it'll start to feel like summer. Sorry to hear about your school. Such a bummer! Good luck with your job hunt!!
    -Elyse @ A is for Apples