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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Letters....2/1/2015

It's time for Sunday Letters with BigTime Literacy! Hop on over and read everyone's letters! 

Dear Weekend,
Why do you play hide-and-seek? I seek you and seek you and just as I find you, you are gone again.

Dear Child of Mine,
I know I spend a lot of "our" time working on school. Next year will be better, I promise. I will always invest heavily in school, and I'll always be a teacher that works a lot of hours, but dear and precious child, it will never again be my first year teaching so many grade levels and learning a new way of teaching at the same time. Please be patient with me. And remember, I have always invested heavily in your success too.
a guilty-momma

Dear outside world,
Please don't tell me what my children should be doing! While I am aware that my children do not perform the same as others, I am also aware of oddities and behavior issues that you have no idea about. Does that make me a big softie? Maybe. But I choose compassion. I hope life will do the same and teach them gently when they learn those life lessons that I can only tell them about and try to prepare them to face. I am their biggest fan and their cheerleader. I can't be all things, not even to my own people.
Doing the best I can (it's not easy being a single Mom)

Dear Superbowl,
I am in it for the snacks. Which means I will have to make some. I am looking forward to laughing at the commercials, an over-produced halftime show, and eating munchies with my favorite munchkins. Teams? I don't know (okay, so I do know who is playing....) and I am really only in it for the pizza, brownies, nachos and ice cream.... not necessarily in that order!

Dear Spring,
I miss you. I can't wait for your return. Thanks for the beautiful preview last week, but my longing has increased greatly since then. Watching the horizon for signs of your return.
with love and longing,
a cold one in the midwest

Dear Students,
You blew this teacher away this week. I am so impressed in the progress you've made since the beginning of the year. Somedays (many days) I wonder if we are hitting the mark, but the name of the game is progress, and I have seen oh-so-much growth and progress recently! This teacher is oh-so-proud of each one of you.
Ms. Horn

Dear Valentine's Day:
Can I just say.... bah humbug! You are a stinker. I have always hated you, even when I had a "special someone" in my life. No one can live up to the great Valentine, also known as my dad, so just give it up. You fall short every time. I will probably have myself a little "un-Valentine" party, and un-celebrate your very presence. But I think in the long run, I will be the winner because I'll genuinely party with some very special students and I will have the chance to share my love of reading with some budding young readers, and I'll express my gratitude to my students for being a part of my life, and in spite of my bah-humbug state of mind, it will turn out to be day of love and learning. I know this because I love teaching and my students love learning and we all love a good party, so once again, I know it will be a great day, in spite of my very humbug feelings about it!
Who gets the last laugh now?
a teacher who loves teaching


  1. I am also in the Superbowl for the snacks, but in keeping with my "lifestyle change," I have to try and be kinda good (but it's so hard!)
    Teaching does take a toll on your personal life - especially the first year and the couple that follow. I'm mentoring a first year teacher and I just listen - sometimes just venting it out may help. "This too shall pass" are the best words of advice I can give her - that's what I always tell myself when I get stuck and feel overwhelmed!
    Thanks for linking up! Happy February! :-)

  2. Yes!! "This too shall Pass...." I agree. I know it will get better. I will never be this new at what I am doing again.

  3. I can't wait for spring either and I totally agree about the weekends playing hide-and-see too often! =D Oh, and GIRL POWER to you, single mom! You've got this. ;)
    Literacy Loving Gals

    1. Thanks for the GIRL POWER! Somedays are tougher than others! But I love my kids and I love being a teacher. It will all work out!