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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Our Week In Review

This teacher is SOOOOOOOO tired. I finally "caught" that bug that the students have been battling. It is not nice! What is nice?  Hot lemon-honey water. It stops my cough and improves my breathing and I feel so much more human. **Flashback.... in February last year I caught a similar cold and kicked it in my usual manner~ pseudofed.  This led to chest pains and an ER visit that turned into an overnight stay and founding out I had blood pressure that is TOO high and that was dangerously so after boosting it with pseudofed. I'll drink the honey-lemon water with gratitude and carry on!**

Our week in a nutshell....

Two students transferred out of our class last Friday and so Monday left us with a class of 14.  But a whopping 6 of them were not at school on Monday. So we had a class of 8. Barely more than half my class. So we had to change plans and practice flexibility on Monday!

1. Conversation Hearts in the classroom in two kinds of activities .... observing them in different liquids. The top photo you can see that the hearts in all three containers were dropped in at the same time.  Students predicted which one would dissolve first. They took a lot longer than I thought they would! But finally it was evident that the vinegar did indeed dissolve more fully, more quickly.

We also got a handful of conversation hearts to sort and graph! 

I used a graphing freebie that I got from The Daily Alphabet on Teachers Pay Teachers, click here to see the free download.
2. We are still working on making 2015 awesome for those around us. Mostly we are trying to express appreciation in small ways. I am hoping to build on this more next fall into more of a world-changing view. But we are enjoying our "little things" right now. We snuck into Mrs. Elliott's room and put sticky notes of encouragement on her desk! Some kids wrote jokes. Some wrote words appreciation. Mrs. Elliott is our Title One teacher and we adore her, she makes a difference in our education! 

3. More Valentine measurement! We cut out hearts and measured each other. The first we did it our data did not turn out to be accurate!

After we measured we stood in the order of our height by heart measurement.
The evidence here would say that our measurements were not accurate! So we measured again. This time we laid the hearts out on the floor with lined up with a green tape so we could make sure everyone's feet started a the same place, and that the hearts were always in the same position. Then we would count and record the measurement....
This looks much more accurate! That is why it is so important to use the same measurement when doing measuring!
This was a great learning activity! 

4. We did a directed activity to make Love Monsters. I got this idea from.... Teachery Bits and Bobs, see their post here.

I did not use their writing freebie, I had the students write a love letter to their monster.

Dear Love Monster, I love that you make my heart melt. Thank you for that. I love you happy Valentines Day. Is it okay if I call you bob. Sincerely, Maddie
5. A party is always a fun and wonderful thing! We had a Valentine party and decorated cupcakes and ate them. Yum. We played two fun games that our room Mom came up with! One game required us to shoot cupid's arrow into the heart-shaped boxes! We did this by putting a Q-tip in the end of a straw and blowing it to it's destination. We also played a game that required the students to pick up marshmallows with a straw and move them from one cup to another. Lastly, we looked at the Valentine's that we got from our friends.

Shooting cupid's arrow into the heart box! 

Moving the marshmallows! 

Our masterpiece creations! 

Valentine Boxes! 
That was our week! I didn't get to share with you about our progress on our Multicultural Night studies, but I will have plenty to share next week about this!! Have a great week! Today is Valentine's Day, otherwise known at my house as my Dad's Birthday.

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