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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Five for Friday!

Five for Friday on Saturday, again, still, always.  Okay, not quite always. But often. I am hooking up with Doodlebugs for Five for Friday, a linky about five random things from my week. I hope you will join! Here we go!

1. Run for your Momma! I participated in the race at Marion County Lake last weekend. I didn't run much, but I went, even though I didn't have a walking partner this year.

The starting line was on the dam, this is the view of the lake from the starting line.

I wonder how cool it would be to cross the street/road and go down the steps
to your own personal dock every morning?

2. Back to school! My kiddos on the first full day of school. First through 5th started with a half-day of school on Wednesday, and all students went back on Thursday, August 15. 
a fourth grader and a senior! 
3. Back to school! I have a space that is mine although I don't have my own classroom this year. I love, love, love being back at Lincoln!

4. On Thursday, I had the privilege of helping out in Kindergarten. My heart is there. Loved helping with those precious little ones on their first day of Kindergarten. Got to test a few of them on Friday also. It will be easy to become attached to them! I learned some new songs to add to my list when I was down there visiting and got some wonderful first day ideas! God bless those Kindergarten teachers! 

5. Friday night has been declared home made pizza night. So I made two! One was covered in meat, the other in veggies! Yum! 


  1. The pizzas look really yummy. I think I'd like to sit and have morning coffee on that dock for sure!