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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Five for Friday, on Saturday (what? how did that happen already?)

First of all, Hooray for Five for Friday!! My favorite linky party ever! I can't wait to post my five random things from the week!
It is somewhat normal for my Five for Friday to get posted on Saturday during the school year.  I guess I didn't want to break tradition! Well, I managed to stay pretty busy yesterday, so here are my five today!

1. Moving and rearranging my teacher stuff! Since I won't have my own classroom this year, I have to get all my stuff out of the office closet. I have been trying to get settled back into my house without the use of this closet but it has really slowed me down! I have really big closets in the bedrooms in my house, but I don't have really great storage for linens and towels and such. So I have always used the office closet and put in shelves and other storage for these things, and more (the leaf for the table, etc.). Trying to move in here without use of this space has been really baffling, I just don't know what to do! So... now that I know that I will be doing this tutor position, I am moving stuff around and maybe I'll be able to conquer this. (I feel a little bit like a loser to admit that we've been back in our house for over 6 weeks now, and we are not completely settled).
teaching stuff that is in transit... it's out of the closet and on its way

the office as it is currently, yikes

office closet, almost empty and ready to start filling up again

basement shelves for school supplies.

2. Rain and flooding. *sigh* I have been so happy for all the rain. I keep hoping it will be enough to bring the water table up and end some of the concerns about the future and our water supply (and places like Cheney Reservoir). But I guess that isn't how it works, so if that is really true, then it's time to wish for less rain. Here are a few pics of the park where I usually walk. They were under water earlier this week (and probably again today since it rained again last night).

3. Punky cut off all her hair! I am both sad and excited for her.  Her hair cut is ADORABLE and she is donating her long hair to locks of love. But I will miss her lovely long hair. I won't miss the tears when she doesn't brush it and it gets all tangled.



4. Getting organized. Moving my teaching stuff out of the office is part of this, but I spent time developing menus (7 weeks) and making a grocery list in Microsoft Word. I found out a long time ago that I don't want to plan a meal for every night and buy the groceries for it because I won't actually cook/bake every night of the week (FFY = fend for yourself night; eat leftovers, EZ Mac, etc.). This is a penny-pinching move since we will living on considerable less this year without a salary.  Living on an hourly wage was hard enough when I supplemented with school loans, so I am really concerned about this year. Penny-pinching tip of the day: Walmart will slice, sliver, shred your ham that you buy from the meat section. I bought a *cheap* ham ($4.98 for 2.5 lbs.) and they sliced it for me!

5. School starts August 14. I start on the 13th. I will be a reading tutor at the school I student taught in! I am really excited to reconnect with the teachers and staff, not to mention the kiddos! How are my Kinders doing? They will be second graders this next year! Wow! I can't wait to see them again! And have I ever mentioned that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE school supplies. I get giddy and light headed when I get in the back to school section!

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  1. I raised all boys but heard about the combing the hair out trauma that goes on every morning! Her hair looks darling and how thoughtful to donate to Locks of Love.