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Friday, August 9, 2013

Five for Friday! August 9, 2013

Five for Friday! Five random things from my week!

1. My teaching friends are back to work today. :( I am feeling sort of left out. And I have that "two worlds" thing going on too. My friends in the panhandle are reaping the benefits of a great principal this year and everything is much more organized, including classroom location! If I were there this year, I would actually have a Kindergarten classroom, with a bathroom in the classroom, and the size that a Kindergarten should be, next to the other Kinder classroom! Whoot! But alas, I moved back to Kansas and while most of me doesn't regret this decision, sometimes I am overwhelmed with sadness at leaving my teaching community and my culturally diverse classroom. So I have a little jealousy going on for my panhandle classroom (that isn't mine anymore) and then I realize that my friends in THIS district are also working in their classrooms and I wish I were there! So amid all my excitement for the great things I think God is doing for and with us this year, I also have a huge green envy monster lurking in my heart.
2. New job dressing. For my new job I wanted to make sure I looked my best, so I put a HUGE goose egg on my forehead right above my right eye. One of my friends assures that yes, eventually, the swelling will go down and when it does, I will most likely have a black eye. I will try to post a picture, but last night when I tried to take pics you couldn't see the mammoth size of the goose egg.

3. One of my favorite things about end of summer birthdays is that new school clothes can double as a birthday gift. (That's not cheating, is it?). We celebrated my sister and my daughter's birthdays since our original plans were postponed when my niece was in the hospital. My daughter is looking super cute here blowing out her candles in her new back-to-school clothes! (Who can believe that my little Punky is nine?!)

nine candles crammed into one slice of cake....

my sister's birthday is two days before the Punkin's, so we celebrate them together.
(why yes, yes I did make that shirt for her for her birthday)
4. Time with the Fam.... out at the farm. Fun. :) My cousin was here from Forks, Washington.  Yes, Twilight fans, this is true. She is the superintendent out there. And I don't get to see her much.  But I actually did get to see her this weekend! We had a big shindig at "the pond." Fishing, 4-wheeling, s'mores, conversation.

5. Rain, rain go away!!! I don't see the flooding this week that I did last week, but we are under a flash flood warning. Many of my friends that live in the county or surrounding communities are flooded in. I went to take pictures of the water and there was not so much as last week. But I did find some mud and now my daughter and I have matching knees! She has a perpetual injury on her right knee that keeps getting re-injured every time it starts to heal! Now my right knee matches hers. This rain is actual the slow, gentle type that I love, but I am in serious need of some sunshine to cheer me. 
My partner in search of rain/flood pics.

6. Bonus! My daughter MADE me start to crochet again. I haven't really crocheted for years! I have a baby blanket I started over 20 years ago that I never finished. But she "needed" me to show her how to make stitches other than a chain. So I started a scarf.  And I finished it. It's very amateur/beginner. I realized about half way through that it is Cowboy colors, so it could be going to my grandson who is a Cowboys fan! ;)
I started this in the late 80's or early 90's.  A little more practice and I'll be ready to finish.

My first crochet project in YEARS! 

Project number 2!

Boo! Summer is over! Hooray, school starts in a few days! I am ready for more structure! And more structure, and more structure! I am actually sick of all the unstructured time.... I need to have more structure and routine and so do my children. Amen? 

Happy Friday everyone! I am so happy to be linking up! And you can too.  Head on over to Doodlebugs and read everyone's posts and link up! Next week, I will have more structure in my life and so much more to post about. Part of the reason I have nothing to post about it is the excess rain. We are in a flash flood warning. So no swimming pictures, no awesome outdoor activities (well, besides the time at the farm between thunderstorms last Saturday), no gardening photos. I could have taken a picture of how tall my grass is already! Sean just mowed on Tuesday and it's about bailing height again! Yikes! I'll be so excited about my teaching adventures next week! 

wet and yet....

this was ALL under water last week.... 

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