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Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Final Five....

This is my final Five for (Friday) of the year. Probably not EVER. But as the 2015-16 year has drawn to a close for my students, it is a officially summer. Ironically enough it is chilly in Kansas and we have not had any 100 degree days yet. I don't think we've even hit the 90's yet. I know I thought it was oppressively hot when it was in the mid-upper 80's last week. But I digress.... once again, I am late to the party and I'm posting on Saturday. But I'm joining Doodle Bugs Teaching for the May 20th Five for Friday linky. This means posting five "random" things from my week or day. So here goes....
1. Last week we learned about Frogs! We read from Tadpole to Frog and then we also read some Froggy books. This made a nice end of year display for my now First Graders!

2. Bubble day! We practiced at home to make sure the bubbles turned out.

Then we tried it out at school. Students got to try out the homemade bubbles, store bought bubbles, and just had a great time together!

Giving everyone a turn to try to make a giant bubble.

One of my students even used their hand to make bubbles!
 I had so much fun working with the students and helping them blow bubbles that I didn't get any pictures of the BIG bubbles!

3. Family fun! I made myself a couple new coasters while teaching my daughter how to put them together.

My Punkin is making coasters for an end of the year gift for her teacher, who loves anchors.  She bought the material with her own money. I love this girl's heart.
4. First grade preview! We buddied up with one of the first grade classes and had a giant morning meeting where we shared how we do morning meeting, then they shared how they do morning meeting! Afterward we paired up (or made a trio in some cases) and toured the first grade class while the first grade buddies explained procedures from first grade to our Kinders!

5. We had a shirt signing party! We had shirts from our trip to the zoo so we put them on and signed each other's shirts to start off our day! This was a really fun way to remember each other!

I hope and wish the best for these kids as they head to first grade. But we have grown quite close this year and I will miss them tremendously. I always look forward to the next year and to meeting my new class, but it is so hard to let these little learners go and grow up! It was an amazing year! 


  1. Hey, the coasters are a great project to learn to sew with! And the shirt signing WHILE WEARING the shirts is a great idea, too. Did the sharpie marker bleed through onto skin?? Would be interesting tattoos for parents to find that night :) See you around, Kathleen... oh, hey, stop by and enter the HUE Animation Studio giveaway. My kinders and I did two projects and I bet you'd have a blast, too. Kidpeople Classroom

  2. your daughter and her heart is right! so awesome you're teaching her to sew, I just love it! Cheers to summer break, enjoy it! :-)