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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Letters!

It's Sunday. And who has saved up some sarcasm to share with you all? This girl! Ha! It's not all sarcasm, sometimes I post sincere observations, and Sunday Letters are perfect for that too! So read on for some randomness. Head over to BTL (Big Time Literacy) and read and link up! Thanks Michelle!

Dear Carrie,
I see the mess that was a living room just a week or two ago! Oh my! If you pick up, you'll love it. I promise!

Dear Kindergarten babies:
I can't wait to see what all we learn this year! This teach forgot how much there is to learn in Kindergarten and how exhausting it is. I'm getting up to speed very quickly!
your tired teacher

Dear Kindergarten:
I also forget how delightful it is to see your faces everyday! I can't wait to greet you tomorrow and keep learning all there is to know! I am so excited to see you getting along and learning and laughing together.
Ms. Horn

Dear Teachers in the community,
Don't lose heart! The first week is hard for all of us. I see how much these kids need teachers that care, and you are part of that.
~Your colleague in room 103

Dear Old school teachers:
Please don't "school" me in what it is really like to be a teacher. I never want to become the cynical, pessimistic teacher that you epitomize. I like being naive when it comes to categories of judging and ways to look down my nose at other teachers, students, and parents. You are free to sit on your "high horse" and judge them, but don't expect me to climb up there with you. I am one of "those" people and my biggest hope is that we can bridge the gap between the infamous "us" and "them."
A teacher who knows what it is to be "that" parent

Dear "Johnnie" and "Susie":
I see you wiggling and squiggling and not holding still! I will do my best to let you be a kid while learning an exorbitant amount of information in 9 short months! We will learn to walk quietly in a line with relatively few wiggles, and how to hold still for short periods of time. But I know you need to MOVE! Movement stimulates your brain, so here's to a year of growth!
Ms. Horn


  1. So hard not to be sucked in by negativity, but I'm so glad you're aware and not getting on that high horse. Love that it comes out in the snarky letters, I always love reading yours!
    Have a great week with your kiddos, and props to you. I can do about 45 min in a kinder class before I have to get out of there! You're amazing to do all day every day for 9 months!

    1. Thanks! That is what I think about intermediate teachers starting at about grade 5..... Hats off them, I could not do it! And I am so grateful that my room does not smell like a locker room all. year. long. !! :)

  2. I can't imagine what the first week in a Kindergarten room would be like. I have been in one for the first hour and that was plenty. Standing ovation for you!