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Monday, August 3, 2015

Hit the ground running....

August has begun and we are hitting the ground running. Today: Enrollment. and shots. But this girl has done it again. Put those shot records in a safe place. So this morning instead of quietly drinking coffee and browsing blogs and twitter, I am tearing this house apart looking for our shot records. *sigh* But right now I am taking a minute to commune with you and quiet the persistent voice in my head telling me I have to write and commune with the keyboard. This morning I need to find shot records and load the van. Then I'll be ready for whatever else life throws my way. Here's the iternary: Today: enrollment; Wednesday and Thursday: new teacher institute; Friday morning DRA training (good thing since I've only used AimWeb before). Wednesday night I am meeting with an awesome group of Central Kansas Teachers and we are going to encourage each other. It just happens, there's no real agenda and we don't know what exactly we are going to talk about, but.... I am thinking of a gift for my newfound friends.... something about rule 62. Friday night is time with the Fam. Going fishing at the pond. Hooray! I really wanted to hog my Dad to myself, but it's not in his nature, he is party animal (as much as anyone is at 74? 76? I can't remember exactly) and he has to have as many people around him as he possibly can at all times, and it will be fun. I just wanted a little me and my kids and him and Mom. Maybe next time. I am lucky to have time at all. NOT complaining. This feels like a busy week for not even officially starting back to school yet. And Saturday I have TWO events and I haven't made awesome stuff for baby Zeke's shower yet, so there's that. And the curtains that I was going to sew that I haven't yet. What made me think I had time to blog? Do you feel this way? Overwhelmed? Overly busy? I am feeling a lot of pressure. And the official BTS buzz hasn't even started yet. This is all just new teacher stuff and personal and internal. I gotta run people! And if you read this, say a prayer about those shot records, I can't even imagine where they are. I was sure I knew and they weren't there.

p.s. Life is good today. One, I like to be busy. I know that is probably some sort of cardinal sin and I probably shouldn't admit it, but it is the truth. And two, I am living the dream: great kids, great career, great pets and a higher power to keep me going. God is good.

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