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Saturday, February 13, 2016

A recap of our week....

This week we celebrated LOVE!!!

Students brought boxes or bags from home to receive Valentines from their friends! I forgot to take a picture of all their hard work! Yikes! We talked about the love of friends and the kind of love we have for our class family. We don't have a "smoochy" kind of love at school. (Then we all pucker up and make smoochy kiss sound.... lots of fun).

Writing! I loved, loved, loved this little writing activity! We cut out our hearts, tore up pieces of paper, and wrote about who we love to pieces and why. A couple of my faves were students who love their step-dads.
I love my Jake to pieces because he tucks me in.

I love my Mom to pieces because I can lay with her.

"I love Dad to pieces because he protects the world."

Another one read: "I love Ethan (stepdad) because he makes me laugh." The little one on the bottom, he didn't get his heart finished yet but his dad is in the army and lives in another state.

Phonics! We started out tapping out some words, which evolved into talking about word families. Then students gave me a thumbs up if they knew it was a real word, they put thumbs down if they knew it was a nonsense word, and half-way if they were not sure.
We went through and circled the real words and X'd out the nonsense words. We had a conversation about how quat sounded like quack! That is why you see the word quack up there! These kids are great learners and hard workers!

 We earned a Cool Beans reward again! WE just celebrated last week Friday! This week we ate lunch in the classroom on Friday to celebrate again. One way that we are working on learning about tally marks is setting a goal each day of earning beans in our cool beans can. Every time we earn a bean, we get a tally mark. If we meet our goal, we also get a big bean on the board.

Special gifts! My little valentines gave me special gifts and so in this digital age, we took selfies together! :)

I wanted a picture of a cookie that I got from our district (thanks for the cookies, they were amazing), but I had a room full of photo bombers!

So.... this happened! I was "Super Hero of the week!" I have until Wednesday to name a new hero. I am supposed to choose classified staff, and classified staff chooses certified staff.... 

The neon sharpies are so much fun!!

Splurge? Necessity?  I injured my shoulder because my bag is too heavy and too full every day! So I sprang for a rolling back pack! Whoot! So far I love it.

 This was a very rewarding teaching week for me and some things I will "announce" later. I feel confident that my kiddos will continue to excel, grow and learn! I love teaching and feel proud to be part of my district. I blessed to work under a principal who wants the best for kids and understands that poverty isn't just about the money. He also understands that judgment never invites positive change and growth. I am where I belong.

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