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Sunday, November 1, 2015

November starts now

November Currently. A monthly linky from Oh' Boy Fourth Grade about all things Current. Okay, maybe not ALL things. Read and link up!

Listening.... My daughter has discovered "Lab Rats" on Netflix. enough said.

Loving.... I love fall. And quite frankly, I love the gratitude focus on fb this month.

Thinking.... yes, apparently I do NOT have enough candy and sugar in my house.

Wanting.... peace. For myself, but for my students and their families. So much unrest and difficulty. Breaks my heart.

Needing.... nothing at all. Life is good today.

Yummy? I think the last section is supposed to say yummy. So I went with that. We usually have cheesecake around the holidays. And I love cheesecake! <3


  1. I love fall weather too. Crisp but sunny. And I love wearing fall clothes :)

  2. I'm with you on the candy- I did not buy my token bag of candy corn and I am regretting it now, though my teeth are probably thanking me. lol :) Happy Sunday- You're right the positive FB messages this month are refreshing!

  3. So glad life is good for you today, hope that it is like that all week! Enjoy these last moments of fall before they're all gone! :-)

  4. We are the opposite - we have TOO much candy in the house! We stocked up ready fro the trick or treaters - but none came and then we headed out for the evening, I didn't see one trick or treater on the streets all evening, so sad :(

    Teaching Autism

  5. I totally stocked up on clearance candy!! Teachers love a good clearance!

    Rock and Teach