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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Just some random rants

Friends, I blog because it purges my soul and feels better to me. But I also have these desires to face social situations. I do not blog about my colleagues. I *may* have blogged about someone I know who teaches another grade in another school, not so near to me, but still in my great state. I forget that people are not so different from me and wonder, "is that directed at me?" "Is that directed at someone I know?" Well, I'm aware that the more bloggers I know, the smaller my world gets, and you could possibly know this person, but I doubt it. I just felt that unquenchable need to spout off.  Now I realize that I need to be so careful because I am a team player. I don't really think that if you don't do your level best to prepare your kids for the next grade that you are actually a team player. It's not fair to that teacher. Do I fear that I might not get my kids ready? Oh yes, I am terrified. I'll just stick with that and discontinue this rant. I pray that when my Kinders are Firsties, they will be ready. So.... in the light of realizing that some could think this rant was directed closer to home, I am removing it. I love Kindergarten. I love my school and my team. I do NOT want to put forth anything different! I'm so sorry if I did that.

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