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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Letters

I don't know if/when it's time for Sunday letters, but I am feeling the need! The need to purge my sarcastic soul with a few letters.

Dear BTL:
For some reason I can never remember exactly when Sunday letters are supposed to post, but I have a head full of them, so today seems like a good day.
a faithful letter writer

Dear Child of Mine,
Please stop injuring yourself. It is unnerving and exhausting. *sigh* Apparently 11 year olds are not good candidates for hot glue gun usage. Or walking. That is all. Just stop. Know you are loved and treat yourself accordingly!
your mom is not your guardian angel (slow down)

Dear Fall,
I have a confession. I love you. I dream about you all year long. I love the scents, both the naturally occurring and the over-scented manufactured ones.... hazelnut, pumpkin, the smell of campfire, the smell of everything apple (pie, candles, desserts, caramel apples, apple cider....). I love the cool nights and the warm days and the colors and leaves falling. I love the circle of life represented in the dying leaves and trees. I love you. I am your biggest fan. It's a little creepy.
a twitter-pated romantic

Dear One-who-shall-remain-nameless,
You said I was hard to read, but then again, so are you. Whenever I give up and believe you've rejected me completely, you reach out again. I don't know you well enough to know if you are playing head games. I'd say something flip like, "I'm moving on" but where would I move on to? Yet another round of head-games? I'm waiting. I'm more than a little confused. And I don't plan to be anyone's pawn. So I hope you are genuine. Time will tell. I just don't like the story it is currently telling.
As sincere as I can be,
one confused girl whose been jaded and pawned many times before

Dear Lesson Plans,
I am going to wave this wand, and if you could just be completed, copied, laid out and ready to go, I would deeply appreciate it.
Tired of the time you take

Dear Cough and congestion,
I'm pretty sure you originated in the depths of hell. Thanks for coming to visit but now that I've gained a great appreciation and respect for your mighty power, could you just go? They say that what doesn't kill me makes me stronger, but as one who's feeling weak and beat down, I say that is still to be determined.
your subservient one,
I'm not dead yet


  1. HI! I'm so glad you posted, now mine are up too! You are not confused, I just don't have them on my calendar!

    I also love fall. Love love love it and it's been beautiful in chicago so far, so mild! I never thought about the dying of trees, but you're right. You're so funny with the creepiness of how much you love it. I get you and feel the same!

    about lesson plans: a few teachers at work started using Plan Book (it's $12 a year) but they love it! Have you ever heard of it? I always hated writing lesson plans, too. Hope your magic wand does wonders!

    Feel better soon!

  2. So glad you got your own wand! They are magnificent!!! Enjoy the Royals win!!!