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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Summer linky.... Top Ten list for summer 2014

Time to join up with a blog for the top ten things I want to do this summer! Head over to Mrs. Jump's Class to read more and link up!

1. Spend time mindfully preparing for the next school year, whatever it brings. This will encompass some other choices too, like books to read! One thing I want to do is start loving the kids even before I know them, and that happens in a number of ways. One thing I can do is think ahead and not just look behind to the students I love right now, but look forward with anticipation and pray for my kids and my classroom. So that is my intention. My beliefs and prayers are private, not to be discussed in the classroom, but they live in my heart and define me day by day. I want to be intentional and use the power of prayer to change my heart.

2. Read to improve my teaching abilities. Last summer I started in a guided reading study and didn't finish it. So I am going to reread that book and finish it this time! I just saw a book study about small groups and differentiated learning, I might join that one this summer. We will just have to see. I am also interested in reading this Love and Logic book.
3. Reading for pleasure! I like mysteries and thrillers. I have been reading Patterson's women's murder mystery club stories and surely we are due for a new book soon!! I am waiting impatiently! I've also started on Sue Grafton's A-Z mysteries. I started reading these in 2003! She doesn't crank them out very quickly!
Okay, I actually think that I have not read this one yet! Yay! 

4. Projects! My living room needs painted and I'm finally okay with the idea of it. When we moved in my friend suggested I add some color but I couldn't stand the thought of changing anything because I thought our house was absolutely perfect (and it is), but we've have this house for six years this summer and it's time to add some color!

Obviously my living room isn't THIS cool, but I love the soothing colors. I want to add a mustard yellow and a green or tan and leave some ivory.

5. Crafty stuff. I want to do some things just for fun because it is good for my soul. I like mixed media drawing/painting. I love to draw. But I also hope to do some crafting for next year's classroom!
This is the tree picture I did a couple years ago for a Christmas gift. It's not awesome, but I enjoyed doing it!
6. Visit some local places with my kiddos! I can't wait to visit some sights with Punky! And hopefully see the Redhead some too. Red is going to stay with her sister and work over the summer. But one weekend I would love to go to Mushroom Rock State Park.  I also want to visit Rock City this summer. These are both within an hour of our house and since the budget is tight, the price is right!
Mushroom Rock

Rock City
 They seem somewhat similar, but I can't believe that I've lived this close to these geographical wonders for this long and haven't taken the time to visit them yet!

7. Catch up with friends. I have a couple friends who are closer than family. I really want to take the time to see them!
lifelong bestie

closer than a sister bestie
8. This sort of fits with the whole spend time with my besties thing.... I want to tie-dye!! I hope that we can squeeze it in! My friend who is a genius at crafty stuff, well, she's mostly just a genius, is starting a new job, with much less responsibility than her previous job, so I'm hoping we can actually see each other sometimes!! I'm hoping for a couple different tie-die shirts.
He's one I did last summer, it turned out pretty good.
9. Make cupcakes! Or cookies. I got decorating supplies last year for Christmas. I want to play around and figure out how to make stuff look really cool! I might even try to learn to make some gluten-free things for the Punkin!
cookies we decorated for Christmas 2013
10. Focus on our health! Find new gluten free foods for miss Punky. Walk and take care of MY health. Research healthy foods and try new recipes!

Whew! I am exhausted just thinking about it all! Happy Summer everyone!

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  1. What a great idea--to pray for the kids that are coming. Thanks. And, a person can never go wrong tye-dying!! Have fun.