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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Currently.... February 2014

I am going to link up Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for February Currently. I had the best of intentions to figure out how to edit my currently pic even though I have no power point, but I didn't and now I have a busy day planned and it's time to link up again. So... hopefully I will have a new laptop by next month!! I am cheating again this month and filling in below. That works nicely for me anyway because I can just include the explanation right away. :)

Listening.... to my Zen Tranquility cd.

Loving... my job.

Thinking... I need to clean this mess.

Wanting... a lot of upgrades for my home.

Needing... best friend time.

2 truths and a fib.... My youngest child is younger than my grandson. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. I have been raising children for 25 years already and I am not close to being done.

So I realized that I had to write this a bit like I filled it in for it to work right. Now on the explanations.

Listening.... I've been listening to the Saturday morning sounds at our house.... one child watching Pound Puppies, the sound of sugar-cereal being eaten and bowls being refilled, and so on. But it was time to turn the TV off, so it got really quiet. I put in my Zen Tranquility cd and it is playing now.

Loving my job. Yeah, I didn't foresee loving this job as much as I do. You should have heard me whine about the adjustment at the beginning of the year (and yet, lucky you, you missed that part). Then I got okay with it and now I am really enjoying it. Not just my particular job, but my school. I knew I would enjoy the atmosphere at Lincoln, it is where I student taught. But I don't know if I knew how much I would like it. I can't wait to students and colleagues alike. It really makes going to work a pleasant thing and builds my passion.

Thinking... this house is begging to be cleaned.  I love it when it is clean. I love an organized space. I think I should get right on this! Then I'll get to work on some fun projects for my home as well! I say... Hooray!

Wanting a lot of upgrades. Every year since I have lived here I have said I am going to buy a bigger fridge with my tax return. I has not happened yet. And I sold my chest style deep freeze and I don't know that I should have. I also want to do some serious work on my basement! Finish another bedroom and get all the walls up for the other rooms. Yeah, my wanter is on full blast. But honestly, I need to take of some debts. Hmmph.

Needing. This is always tricky for me. There is the... "I still need a job" need (which I figure EVERYONE is sick of hearing about.... including myself). And then there is the need to figure out how we will make ends meet with even less money when my income drops by $420/month in July. That's my house payment right there!! Yikes! Then there is the reality check of it all. What do I actually need? I live in the richest country in the world with so much excess it is ridiculous. If I have clothes, food, and a warm bed, what do I really need? But my soul needs some best friend time. I am hoping to seek out my best friend in the whole world and maybe can talk. Or maybe we can not talk. Either one will be good for my heart and soul.

My youngest child is younger than my grandson. Yep. He just turned 10 and she will turn 10 in July.
My little Punky and I had a Mom/daughter night a couple weeks ago. It was fun!

This is my grandson, taken this past fall (2013). He is really growing up! 
I have been raising children for 25 years and I have a minimum of 9 years left. I got married in 1988 and we got custody of my husband's children in 1989, when they were 4 and 6. I loved being the youngest Mom when they were growing up. I don't relish the other end of the spectrum so much. I had my youngest when I was 36, and once you hit 35 you hear a lot of rhetoric from the Dr. (or I did anyway) about "advanced maternal age..." blah, blah, blah. And once when she was about 5 a lady asked her if she was having a good day with her Grandma. I did not handle that one very graciously.
I can't help but think I looked pretty fabulous for my "advanced maternal age" and now you know why I call my daughter Punky, isn't she just an adorable little Punkin-seed?
I always wanted to be a teacher. HA! I had a rotten school experience as a student. I have not had a very good experience as a parent. I didn't think I could do it. Then I realized that a) I WAS teaching children all day and interacting with parents when I worked in the daycare, and b) I didn't have to be THAT teacher, I could be the teacher that bridges the gap and reaches out to the students like me. I decided to go back to school when I was 40. I am 45 now. Last year I was a first year teacher.


  1. You can download Picasa (by Google) and easily add text to pictures. Try it out if you have time! I love using it for all sorts of editing - and it's totally free.

    Good luck on the tax return so you can get those upgrades!! Last year we had to pay so my fingers are crossed :)

    Breezy Special Ed

  2. I love that you followed your heart and went back to school. I'm still not sure what I want to be when I grow up! Your students are lucky to have someone who can empathize with them when they don't like school.

    Joy :)
    Joy of Teaching

  3. Your truths are cute! We know a family who has a few children younger than their grandchildren…but they had 14 kids…My siblings and I had a family member in each of our classes growing up.
    Did my taxes and our return is the lowest it's ever been. really stinks. boo.
    We, too, need lots of upgrades…I feel like it will never come. And then I think like you…i have clothes, health…yadda yadda…
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Anchored in 3rd Grade

  4. So happy that you are loving your job. Good luck (and good fortune) as you continue!!!

  5. I can't believe that lady who asked your daughter if she was having fun with her grandmother! I wouldn't have handled that very well either! I'm in your same boat...33 and still single (dating someone great, but not plans for kids anytime soon!) I can totally understand where you're coming from!

    So cool you've been blogging during your first year of teaching! How I wish I had journals or blogs from that year!

    BigTime Literacy