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Monday, November 26, 2012

Giving Thanks

To celebrate 50 days of school we did a 50’s theme all day. I dressed as much as I could in a 50’s style. We started the morning off with tracing the numbers 1-50 and color word recognition by coloring 50’s era jukeboxes. Throughout the day we listened to music from the 50’s and did the twist to get our wiggles out. In the afternoon we had a 50th day of school party with the other Academy C classes.  We practiced hula-hooping in the street, had root beer floats, learned to play marbles, and tried to limbo.

In October we also did some science and discovery with a pumpkin. First we cleaned it out, feeling the “guts” (the pulp) and pulling the pumpkin seeds out of the pumpkin.  Then I took the pumpkin home.  I baked half of the pumpkin shell and roasted the seeds.  Later in the week we ate pumpkin muffins made from the roasted pumpkin. About half of the students liked the pumpkin seeds. When we had the muffins, about half of the class liked them. All of the students enjoyed touching the pulp and reaching into the pumpkin. 

In November we got ready for Thanksgiving by participating in a family project to disguise a turkey.  Students and their families designed and disguised their turkeys so that maybe it wouldn’t get eaten for Thanksgiving. One of our handwriting assignments was to fill in a speech bubble with the sentence “I am not a turkey.” This was a directed, teacher led assignment that we did using “my turn/your turn.”

Another Thanksgiving handwriting assignment we did involved brainstorming the things that we were thankful for. Together as a class we thought up the things we were thankful for and then made a list.  Students then had the opportunity to write something they were thankful for that was on the list or to write words that they sounded out phonetically. I loved the things my students were thankful for.  One student was thankful for our class, another was thankful for fruit, and another student was thankful for God. Students wrote the word they were thankful for on a leaf and so I made a tree on a bulletin board.  We had a “thankful bulletin board.”

The week of Thanksgiving we read with Ms. Butts’ third grade class. The third grader's came down and read to us in our classroom. Even Ms. Butts got in on the fun!

We also played “shape bingo” and had the privilege of watching the high school perform “Beauty and the Beast” on Tuesday morning.

Academy school sold fundraiser t-shirts for the big “bedlam” game this past weekend.  I found a really beautiful model to show us the OU shirt. This is my 3rd grader. 
Someone sent me a small donation for our classroom. I got so excited that I forgot that I was going to get Christmas supplies for our classroom with any donations toward classroom needs. I got some teacher stamps that I have been needing, and I also bought us an ant farm.

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